Keto Maple Syrup - Less Than 1g Net Carbs, Vegan, Gluten Free
keto maple syrup
Keto Maple Syrup - Less Than 1g Net Carbs, Vegan, Gluten Free

Keto Maple Syrup - Less Than 1g Net Carbs, Vegan, Gluten Free

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Enjoy a scrumptious alternative to sugar and plain agave nectar. Infusing organic blue agave nectar with our premium 100% pure stevia extract creates a decadent, indulgent taste experience with only 1/4 the calories, carbs and sugars of regular agave, or table sugar.

Nectevia New England Maple Syrup is fantastic with waffles and pancakes as well as in hot or cold beverages, in baked goods and for general cooking. 4 times sweeter than sugar, a little goes a long way! Use ¼ as much as sugar in your recipes.

In coffee or tea, try ½ teaspoon at first, then adjust up or down according to taste in future cups. There are an amazing 200 servings per bottle, for coffee, tea, chai, smoothies or iced tea.
keto maple syrup
What is it made of?
We begin with organic blue agave nectar and add the precise amount of pure stevia powder to heighten the sweetness of the agave to its maximum level. We maintain tight control over our formulation, metering out just enough stevia for maximum sweetness, but using so little you can’t even taste its presence. The result is agave nectar that is four times sweeter than plain agave alone.

    • Stevia-infused agave nectar, with a warming flavor, and slight honey notes. The great taste of agave nectar with way fewer carbs and calories.
    • Great for sweetening homemade sauces and jams. Also works with savory dishes!
    • 75% fewer carbs, calories and sugars -- compared to regular agave.
    • 200 servings per bottle! Super concentrated, lasts 400% longer than regular agave. 1 tsp Nectevia = 4 tsp regular agave.
    • Keto and paleo friendly! Gluten free, vegan, diabetic safe and certified Kosher.

    steviva nectevia new england maple nutritional facts
    Organic Agave Nectar, Organic Stevia Extract, and Natural Flavors.

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