Protein Hazelnut & White Chocolate Spread - High Protein, Low Carb, Non-GMO
muscle cheff white chocolate hazelnut spread

Protein Hazelnut & White Chocolate Spread - High Protein, Low Carb, Non-GMO

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Treat yourself to Muscle Cheff's creamy milk chocolate hazelnut spread. Made with 25% real hazelnuts, 22% high-quality protein, and clean healthy oils (hazelnut and coconut oil). 

Muscle Cheff Hazelnut Spread does not contain trans fat, preservatives, colorants, and is all natural. This makes this guilt-free Nutella-like spread a healthy option for anyone and for anytime! Since it does not contain gluten, it is suitable for celiac and gluten intolerant individuals. With its perfect consistency, aroma, and texture, it will be your bread's best friend for your breakfasts and snacks!

muscle cheff cocoa and hazelnut spread protein nutella


  • INCREDIBLE NUTRITIONAL PROFILE - This hazelnut & white chocolate spread is inspired by the ubiquitous Nutella brand but what makes it stand apart is the nutritional profile and macros. HIGH IN PROTEIN (7g) and HIGH IN FIBER (3g) as well as being low in sugar. Only 180 calories per serving!
  • ALL NATURAL AND PREMIUM QUALITY - Made with REAL HAZELNUTS, this indulgent and guilt-free spread is also GLUTEN FREENon-GMO, and free of any preservatives and artificial coloring or flavoring.
  • NO AFTERTASTE AND NO GASTRIC EFFECTS - Amazing classic hazelnut and white chocolate spread taste that you are familiar with without any funky aftertaste. 

muscle cheff white chocolate hazelnut spread

  • HIGHLY VERSATILE WITH MANY USES - The smooth and creamy texture pairs well with bread or wraps (check out our Keto/High Protein Breads, we have wraps too!) Muscle Cheff Hazelnut & White Chocolate spread can also be used as a cooking and baking ingredient to make anything from cookies, brownies, to cupcakes. Try topping your pancakes and your breakfast will never be the same ever again!
  • SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE - This spread will please anyone from athletes, to low carbers, and those with gluten or Celiac intolerance. Perfect for sneaking in extra protein for kids!
  • Wholesome Provisions is a authorized distributor of Muscle Cheff products.
muscle cheff white chocolate hazelnut spread nutritional facts

INGREDIENTS: Whey protein (22%), Hazelnut (25%) , vegetable oil (sunflower, palm),Skim milk powder, sugar beet, lecithin (sunflower), natural vanillia.


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